Nebraska gets its name from an Indian word meaning "flat water" after the Platte River that flows through the state.

The Nebraska Territory was formed in 1854 at the same time as the Kansas Territory.

Nebraska was admitted into the Union in 1867 as the 37th state.

Its nickname, "Cornhusker State," refers to the way that corn (a leading product of the state) was commonly harvested, "husking" it by hand, before the invention of husking machinery. Another nickname, the "Beef State," refers to one of Nebraska's main industries, cattle.

Omaha has been a major meatpacking center since the 1880s.

Although Omaha was the territorial capital, Lincoln, named in honor of the 16th president, is the state capital.

Nebraska: Depression Era Photographs

Barber, South Omaha, Nebraska, 1938

Saturday afternoon, Lincoln, Nebraska

William Jennings Bryan House, 1625 D Street, Lincoln, Lancaster County, NE

Swann's Drugstore, aka Niobrara Tribune, Fifth Avenue & Elm Street, Niobrara, Knox County, NE
From 1905 to the late 1970s, the building served as the home of town's newspaper, Niobrara Tribune. After the disastrous flood of 1881, the Tribune Building was among the surviving structures moved to the new second townsite of Niobrara. Architecturally, the building is an excellent example of nineteenth century pioneer commercial architecture with a false front and large display windows, and representative of the type structure which played an integral part in the streetscape of a thriving Niobrara.

Farm in Nebraska, 1942

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